This topic has increasingly reared its ugly head
What do you think about the blasphemy law in Ireland  ?
How does it operate?
Has it been used?

Peter Ferguson

Sat, 24/11/2012 - 2:17pm


Blapshemy The blasphemy law is obviously ridiculous but luckily unenforceable. When the law was passed, Atheist Ireland published a list of blasphemous quotes which of course went unpunished. However, if somebody officially complains then an investigation has to be opened, so the law still does pose a risk to free speech. It would be interesting to see if anybody will ever be arrested under the law.
I’m more worried about the current trend in England where any form of insult is punishable, I have seen some ridiculous arrested over the past year, including people for posting stuff on Facebook and Twitter. 

1/8/2013 12:15:54 am

This topic needs work on this year


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