Sun, 27/01/2013 - 2:25am

new Community Humanism In relation to Tom's remarks that we should wean people off family ceremonies, I completely disagree.

These are major family events. I would like to celebrate them without any transcendental dimension.

Dermot Hynes
1/8/2013 08:15:46 am

Humanists working in villages, towns and cities on projects to improve the area i.e. painting, cleaning, helping the elderly, Charity work etc. This will promote Humanism as a caring, and helpful. This is the kind of positive activity that will show the public we are not just an anti religious organisation. This is the idea of community humanism I have so far.

Tom White
1/8/2013 08:18:11 am

If Christianity and Islam are tainted by the fact that every good deed done by an adherent has the ulterior motive of "buying one's way into heaven", so we need to be careful that we're not caught in the same bind by doing good deeds for the glorification of what we believe in. Let's help each other socially because that's the right and instinctively human thing to do,not for any other cause, even an essentially benign one like Humanism. Kindness first, Humanism second. In the same way, I hold a minority view on Humanist involvement in ceremonies relating to birth, death and marriage; Religions have generally catered for and encouraged such "rites of passage ceremonies" but should HAI be encouraging people to participate in them or try to wean people off the need to have them at all?

PJ McKenna
1/29/2013 05:35:49 am

An ulterior motive of publicising humanism would make us look like a cult.
Rites of passage can be very important for children and teenagers. Given how little support humanists/atheists get in that age group I do think some kind of coming-of-age "ritual" would be a good thing. I also think that we should be trying to include younger punters in HAI as a matter of priority. The "how" is more problematical...


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