From: Ann James
To: Garry Lochlainn
Subject: RE: HAI Conference

Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2013 09:58:29 +0000

Hi Garry Glad to hear form you.  I think the idea was perhaps more than just the anniversary celebration but an alternative gathering of humanists, in the West, which could become an annual event. It was spurred on by your Croagh Patrick suggestion, and I expect Kevin has explained the discussion we had about that. It would be for yourselves to decide the theme and so on. For me (and this is just my own wish!) I'd like to see a more member/participant led event, less speaker-focused, a chance to relax, discuss, walk, take in the scenery, enjoy each others' company; let creativity, progress and bonding come from that. We'll get back to you with more specifics on support but certainly promotion of the event would be tops. Your group could consider things and see what support you'd need - it depends a lot on what's planned. The Carlingford event is self-supporting financially, and does make some profit, which goes back into the general kitty of the organising groups (HAI and Humani). Most costs are paid out at/after the event so we don't pay until it happens. Of course, if there was likely to be a loss we could know in advance what those costs might be and appropriate arrangements could be made. The dinner in Carlingford is based on how many attend to it balances itself out. That's a starting point anyway! We can get back  once there's an idea of what HW would like to see. I would be happy to offer any information based on our experience but I'm sure there are others there who have been/are great organisers. We are short of an organiser for Carlingford, just to mention it...! Very best wishes for 2013 Ann

From: garry
To: ann c jamesSubject:
HAI ConferenceDate: Tue, 1 Jan 2013 08:50:52 +0000 Hi Ann,            A Happy New Year to you and many of them.At last Sundays meeting Kevin Sheehan reported that HAI would like Humanists West to organise a conference in Galway to celebrate 20 years of HAI.I have agreed to explore the idea in conjunction with others.I would like if you would indicate what you have in mind and what support the HAI would give to such an event. Kind Regards, Garry


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