What does the teaching of Comparative religion mean
Should the state remove all state funding of primary schools if these schools are "faith" schools
Would you not allow faith schools
Should religion be taught as part of the history syllabus
Dermot Hynes
1/8/2013 07:30:10 am

Here's a definition of Comparative religion online "The comparative study of the origin, development, and interrelations of the religious systems of mankind". If people want to set up faith schools they should be allowed to do so but there's no reason why they should receive state funding or tax exemptions. Religion played a huge role in history so to properly understand history it should be part of the History syllabus.What is the states reasoning for funding faith schools? State and religion must be separated but there aren't near enough secular schools.

Garry O'Lochlainn
2/10/2013 05:13:37 pm

I would like to see an Ireland where there is separation of Church and State in Education.I consider the Atheist Ireland stance in this matter to be worthy of support,which is secular education based on Human Rights.Their position is set out in Vol. 124 of HI,September-October,2010.
I also consider the Educate Together Education Ethos to be very acceptable in so far as it respects all opinions and beliefs.The school facilities are available for faith formation outside of regular school hours, and it must be organised by parents or a relilgious representative, but the teachers or the School Board are not required to become involved in its provision. They offer an ' Ethical Education Curriculum' to be taught in the allotted time for the Patrons exclusive religious curriculum, which is one half hour per day under the Religious Educatiion Act 1998.
Educate together have made progress in the provision of an alternative to Faith Schools and that is to be commended.They have a very good website, www.educatetogether.ie, Members should visit the website and familiarise themselves with the Atheist Ireland position and we will discuss the 'Education' at our March meeting.


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