After a struggle with gout and occipital neuralgia, 
Torquemadder is cautiously returning to his old self. 
I was sufficiently  horrified by news gleaned from today's TV and internet to write the following few words:  Indoctrinating the Innocent Sara Ege,  aged 33,  was sentenced today  to a minimum of 17 years imprisonment for the murder of her seven year old son at their home in Cardiff, South Wales, in July 2010. She had been beating Yaseen Ali Ege with sticks, a hammer, a rolling pin and slipper for three months prior to his death in growing frustration at the boy’s inability to memorise chapters from the Koran;  the boy’s bruising had been noticed at school,  where he was described as being “delightful.”   When  the boy eventually died as a result of a particularly brutal attack.  Mrs Ege had faked a fire at their home and pretended that her son had perished after being  trapped upstairs. The boys parents were regarded as being very devout members of the local Muslim community.  The sentencing Judge told  Mrs Ege that he accepted she had been  “ a devoted and caring mother (sic!). Except for the obsession with Yaseen’s learning you did many fine things to bring him up as a young boy. In killing your son you abused a precious relationship of trust which does and should exist between a parent and a child."  (T. 07/01/13) 
Frankly,  I have nothing pithy or witty to say about that poor lad's tragic life and death.  The only small smile I managed was when I learnt that the head mistress of the boy's school was a lady called Ann James...

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