Is anyone aware of a Humanist or atheist podcast or radio show? I think there is a gap in the market! This would be a great opurtunity to to spread the word and it would be easily accessible on the web for people who arent members but are interested. This would be a great interview format to talk to local people and well known figures. A weekly or monthly show with interesting, fun and serious issues relating to humanism in ireland. I find the prospect exciting and a chance to show what we  so called "agressive" Humanists sound like. Would you listen?

From Peter Ferguson
There are quite a number of atheistic podcast/radio shows in the States and Britain, however, there is none in Ireland that I could find. Considering how popular these sort of media are I find it surprising if there isn't an Irish one to be found somewhere on the interwebs. If one is not loctaed then it is certainly an idea worth considering thoroughly.

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    January 2013